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Cat & Dog Grooming

Pet grooming is a necessary task all dog and cat owners need to take seriously. If a pet does not stay adequately groomed, he or she can easily suffer from medical issues as a result. Our team is committed to providing quality grooming care your pet needs. At Prancin’ Paws Pet Spaw in Tucson, our grooming services will ensure your precious animal looks and feels great.

Why Pet Grooming Is Important

The grooming your pet needs all depends on his or her age, breed, and health. Failure to groom a pet can lead to various difficulties for the animal. An ungroomed pet is more likely to ingest a harmful substance if it ends up in its fur. Your pet can also become sick from bacteria living on the coat. A matted coat can be irritating and even painful to a pet. Dogs with thick coats will need their hair trimmed for the summer to avoid overheating. If your dog is prone to shedding, seeing our professional groomer can be beneficial. Proper grooming can help decrease the level of shedding your dog experiences.

In addition to the main body, a pet’s ears, eyes, teeth, and nails or claws need tending. Uncleaned eyes can fill with mucus. Teeth can suffer from a buildup of tartar if not cleaned. Dogs are prone to using their toes for walking. This condition is known as digitigrade walking. When nails become too long, the ability to walk comfortably on the toes becomes difficult, and the dog’s gait can suffer. Arthritis and an uneven gait can result, causing your dog to be uncomfortable. Cat claws left untreated will begin to curve and stab the pad, causing an infection.

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