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Tooth Brushing

Over the last decade, the quality of dental care for maximizing oral health in pets has evolved and rivals professional dental care for people with equipment, technique, and advanced oral procedures. Although an oversimplification, hygienic cleaning of the pet’s teeth involves both removing tartar and stains from the body of the tooth. Specifically, it includes […]

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Life is so busy and boisterous these days; who has time to brush the pooch? It’s reasonable to feel that way, but once you’re mindful of all the benefits of brushing your dog, you’ll make the time. After all, you’d do anything for your dog to have the finest conceivable life, right? If you’ve got

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Nail Grinding and Trimming

A solid pet-grooming schedule includes more than just bathing and brushing your pet. To protect both the owner and animal, nails/claws should be clipped regularly. Trimmed nails are a clear sign of your pet’s health and hygiene. For squeamish owners, vet offices and professional groomers will perform the task, but nail trimming is a simple

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There is no absolute rule to how often you should be bathing your dog. It depends on a lot of variables. One thing is for sure, there are many benefits, for both you and your furry friend, to enjoy bath time together. Removes dirt and odor – This seems somewhat obvious, but you always know

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Cat & Dog Grooming

Pet grooming is a necessary task all dog and cat owners need to take seriously. If a pet does not stay adequately groomed, he or she can easily suffer from medical issues as a result. Our team is committed to providing quality grooming care your pet needs. At Prancin’ Paws Pet Spaw in Tucson, our

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